News & Events - Mix 94.5 Master Milk Carton Regatta

Serpentine Primary School has been selected to participate in the 2022 Masters Milk Carton Regatta.  The craft, which needs to be constructed entirely from 600ml Masters Milk cartons (no milk bottles or larger milk cartons) will be entered into the regatta which will be held on Saturday 26th November at Hillary’s Boat Harbour.  The craft will be piloted by Serpentine PS staff due to age restrictions but students will be involved in the design and construction of the vessel.


We are asking all parents and community members to support us by collecting as many 600ml Masters Milk cartons as possible and dropping them to Serpentine PS or your local school.  The more cartons we have the better our boat will be so please ask all friends and Family to save their cartons.


See updates below...



Week 5 Update

We have returned from school holidays and it is time to shift up a gear.  The committee is meeting this week to finalise the designs for the boat and we hope to start building next week.

Thank you to everyone who has been collecting cartons over the break, we really appreciate your efforts. Special mention goes out to Antonio and the Danzi family for their contribution, we really appreciate you sacrificing your favourite brands to support the school.

Before the holidays we set-up a collection points at the Serpentine General School and in front the school admin building, just look for the big yellow and blue bins.  The collection point at the general store has proven quite successful with 22 cartons collected over the school holidays.  The bin at the school has proven to be less successful, at last count we had collected the following: 3 cartons, 1 beer bottle, and 1 packet of pork crackling.  Whilst we appreciate the gesture, it is worth nothing that use of beer bottles is against the rules.

We received a massive boost from the team at the Erskine Depot of Community Recycling WA.  They have been great supporters of ours since we started and the photos below represent their first contribution. This is a massive effort and will make a significant difference to the students and we want to thank everyone who has donated to us.

Total Collected So Far – 638

I’ve drunk so much milk recently that I’m worried the milk I bought this morning has come from a cloned cow.  It tasted exactly the same as a bottle I bought yesterday.



Week 4 Update

As we head into the school holidays the call has gone out to our students to drink as much milk as possible, and to ask family and friend to be on the lookout for empty containers. In fact, I’m so obsessed with milk at the moment that I even went as far as to buy a dwarf cow yesterday.  I just fancied some condensed milk.

We are grateful of the support we continue to receive from the community.  We received an anonymous donation of cartons today from a community member which we greatly appreciate and received a contribution of 42 cartons from young Evie and her family. We are finally starting to get MOOving.

A massive thank you to Sirli Kellian and her team at Community Recycling WA for offering their support and agreeing to set up collection points for us at their Erskine, Rockingham and Mandurah depots.  We really appreciate your support.  A big thank you also to Oakwood Primary School and their sustainability committee for kindly offering their cartons to support our project.  To anyone out their following our journey we appreciate your continued interest and support, please let us know if you are able to help us further.

Since we are the MASTERS of comedy we have decided to include a joke as part of our weekly update. A wife asks her husband to go to the shop to buy a carton of milk, and if they have eggs, to get six.  The husband returns with six cartons of milk. When the wife asks "Why did you buy so much milk?!" he replies, "they had eggs."

Total Collected So Far – 220

Week 2 Update

Our team met again and we believe we have settled on a design. We estimate we will require about 2000 cartons. The hunt for the elusive Masters Milk carton continues, with the little critters seemingly evading our grasp at every turn. So far we have collected 143, thanks largely to a donation of 99 cartons from Madeline Devine and her family.  Given the struggles we have had collecting cartons we are considering this a bit of DEVINE INTERVENTION.  The call for help goes out to our community to help support the students in this endeavour; so that we can something resembling the ENDEAVOUR instead of something that looks like it was built by Bear Grylls on Running Wild.  To all the tradies out there, keep drinking those Iced Coffee and save us the cartons, we need you.

Week 1 Update

We had our first team meeting this week.  Discovered that members of our team were lactose intolerant, not a great start.  Decided to run a competition with our students to name our team, eagerly awaiting their suggestions.  Started our campaign to collect as many milk cartons as possible.  Received really great support from Polly Hammond the Waste Education Officer at the Shire of Serpentine/Jarrahdale who has agreed to advertise and establish a collection point for us.


Milk Cartons Collected So Far: 6

Could be a really small boat at this rate. Hope staff can swim.