Our School - From the Principal

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Serpentine Primary School website.

At Serpentine PS we acknowledge our history and tradition and seek to balance this with a focus into the future, embracing innovation and current educational research, pedagogy and practice.  A clear mission statement, explicit teaching strategies and shared leadership drive the education and pedagogy. When we get the teaching right, our student's success is guaranteed and the structures that we have in place hold teachers accountable to working towards ensuring that this takes place.  Our teachers use an Explicit Teaching Model to teach the fundamentals in Numeracy and Literacy and hold themselves accountable to ensure that all students develop strong basic skills.  It is this approach that ensures success in later years, as our students move into directed inquiry learning. 

At Serpentine PS we have a strong and committed teaching staff who provide numerous deep learning opportunities for our students whilst developing them socially, physically, academically and emotionally to reach their goals.  In addition, the wide range of specialist programs (Physical Education, The Arts, Indonesian & Science) offers students a full curriculum, inclusive of their individual abilities and interests.  We also have an experienced and supportive Student Services team, lead by our Learning Support Coordinator, to enhance our commitment to ensure all students specific learning needs are met and to aid in the development of safe and supportive learning environments for all our students.

All decisions, plans, programs and daily activities, both formal and informal, are designed within a set of shared core values.  With a focus on respect, responsibility, perseverance and aspiration students are prepared to take on life's challenges.  Serpentine Primary School strives to foster in each student a positive self-concept and develop the skills, knowledge and understandings that will assist them to become successful lifelong learners and contributors to the community.

Serpentine Primary School is a dynamic learning community with an increasingly diverse student population.  Here at Serpentine PS we believe that the educational process is best served when the school, the child, the teacher and the parent/carer work together in a positive way to support learning and a real family atmosphere can be found within our grounds.  Parents are welcome to take an active role within the school and opportunities are available for parents to be involved in the school through the P&C, special classroom programs and a variety of other school activities.

In 2017 Serpentine Primary became an Independent Public School, as such we are governed by a School Board consisting of parents, school staff and members of the local community. This ensures the school has greater autonomy and flexibility in making decisions locally and in response to the educational needs of our students.

I join the staff in wishing you and your family a happy, rewarding and memorable association with our school.